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JUNITH, the skin massage machine
utilizing Galvanic Ion, Red color therapy and Vibration

JUNITH works to maintain the skin clearer. It helps absorb and deliver beneficial ingredients of a functional skin care product and works to remove skin impurities. Also it is easy to charge by using USB.

Galvanic Ion

This ion is produced by a massage machine using galvanic direct current, a low-frequency direct current.

It helps reduce redness and pigmentation caused by acne. This ion works to ionize a water-soluble skincare product, tightening pores by using anions and cations.

Portable skin massager

Brand : JUNITH
Model : DR-2014A
Size : 41 X 31 X 173mm
Weight : 70g
Power consumption : 0.4w
Battery voltage : DC 3.6V / 750mA
Adaptor Input : 100V-230V
Adaptor Output : DC 5V / 1A