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CHAT-BLANC, the skin massage machine
utilizing Galvanic Ion, Vibration and Ultrasound waves

CHAT-BLANC helps you keep your skin clearer. it works to remove skin impurities and help water-soluble materials penetrate deep into the skin.

Galvanic Ion

Basically, it makes water-soluble skin care products to be ionized using cations, anions and after absorbing the water-soluble skin care products. Our skin
pores will be contracted. Also it helps acne skin to be relieved.

Ultrasonic waves

It provides skin regeneration and elasticity effects by penetrating into the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue with 1 million times per second ultrasonic vibration.


The vibration works to keep the skin elastic by relaxing the muscles.

Cleansing Treatment

Model : DRS – 2015A
Size : 50 X 32 X 155mm
Weight : Less than 150g
Power consumption : 3w
Battery voltage : DC 3.6V / 750mA
Adaptor Input : AC100 – 240V / 60Hz
Adaptor Output : DC 5V / 1A