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BEAUTAMIN SU, the beauty mist for your face, body and hair

Using tap water and purified water, it passes through the filter, which consists of ion exchange resin, aroma, and ceramic balls remove the residual chlorine remaining in the water and produce weak acidic water (pH 4.5 ± 1) without irritating the skin. It is easy to use the face, body and hair, also Beautamin can function such as moisturizing, soothing, and maintaining the skin balance. Aroma and antibacterial function will relieve your dry and tired skin and will make healthy skin.

Beauty Mist

Brand : Beautamin SU
Spray Capacity : 0.17ml/push
Capacity : Over 10,000ml
pH : pH 4.5 ±1
Period of use : About 8 months(20 times/use)
Use : Balancing skin pH, Moisturizing